My 3 Golden Buzzers

If you’re anything like me, watching someone who is ACTUALLY talented will make you feel all sorts of ways. I don’t even need to be in the same room as someone who is putting their talent on display to get covered in goosebumps and have my jaw drop. There’s just something about witnessing someone manifest what they were made to do in this world.

Have you seen the show Americas Got Talent (AGT)? If you haven’t even heard of it, I mean come on … what are you doing? I seriously want to know.

The feeling I get when I watch AGT is … well, indescribable. I literally think about it on the days I know it’s on (which if you know me, that’s weird because I don’t watch TV), and I have a mini panic attack inside if I’m not going to make it home in time to watch it live. My FOMO begins to kick into high gear. I know this may be a small problem, but when you see it, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So, before the next episode comes on, I will quickly give you a rundown of my top three acts, who by the way are still in the running to win. Also, heads up, there are only two more episodes left in this season, so now is the time to tune in.

1. Michael Ketterer

OK, so I may be a little biased with this one, only because I know him. I mean, I don’t have his number to just text him whenever I want, but he performed at a school in Hawaii I went to, and I have a picture with him. So, I guess I don’t know him, but you can see the connection, right? Well, he is a guy who dedicates every performance to his family, which consists of his wife, daughter, and five adopted boys, and he’s a pediatric mental health nurse.

2. Zurcaroh

This group is like nothing I have seen before. I find myself gripping the edge of my couch and holding my breath the entire time this group performs.

3. Courtney Hadwin

Watch this self-claimed “shy” 14-year-old give Janis Joplin a run for her money and let the video do the talking. I mean seriously, you WILL NOT BELIEVE what you’re about to see! 

So, tell your FOMO … “NOMO”, and tune in to see who becomes the season 13 winner. (Please vote for one of my top 3 … thanks)



[Image at the top (buzzers) is from Britain’s Got Talent Fandom page]




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