In-N-Out Burger’s [Super] Secret Menu

Just when you think you know it all … or in this case, have tasted it all, we are here to tell you that you may actually be missing out. Since we live in Southern California, we see In-N-Out Burger restaurants literally everywhere. We personally haven’t even met anyone here who’s opposed to eating at In-In-Out, but then again, we choose not to hang out with those type of people anyhow … (just kidding).

Some say that they get tired of going there because they’re just eating the same thing over and over again, but that doesn’t have to be the case …

Most regulars are quite familiar with the burger joint’s “secret” menu. The average Californian can even tell you that choosing to order their burger “animal style” is no big deal and that everyone knows about it. But most do not know about the treasure box of goodness that will be revealed in this video. WARNING, your mouth is about to start watering:

So next time you stop by In-N-Out, which will most likely be this week, remember to #FomoNomo and order your burger “monkey style” or grab a side of “roadkill fries.”

Let us know if you tried one of these tasty options during your next stop at In-N-Out and take a picture while you’re at it!

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 10.38.41 AM
This guy (whatupwilly) did something very extreme … check out his order of a 100×100 burger. The photo is a sneak peak of his In-N-Out experience. Photo approved and taken by: @whatupwilly


[Photo at the top by Kevin Lanceplaine on Unsplash]

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