We Are Totally Geeking Out

In this post, we set out to fill you in on some of the most mind-blowing creations, ideas, and even inventions. We appreciate the ingenuity that people come up with and, we live for sharing what we find with our viewers. In turn, we hope you think they are just as rad as we do and tell your friends about them so they can FomoNomo too.

Check out this floating backpack. Yes, you read that right … FLOATING. Imagine the possibilities that can take place with a full backpack being weightless. Lightning Packs has created the world’s first “floating backpack.” The design is electricity-generating and ergonomic backpacks for warfighters, disaster relief workers, hikers and students.

Screen Shot 2018-10-05 at 3.03.25 PM
Photo of backpack by Jed Paul Goyonan on Unsplash & Photo of scale by i yunmai on Unsplash

The backpack creates renewable and wearable electricity by sliding up and down on a ski-like rail system. With this design, accelerative forces are eliminated which can cause injuries and reduce mobility.

It has been tested for soldiers in combat and even disaster-relief workers who wind up spending most of their time in remote locations. You can view more articles with more coverage of military testing and video reports of the product.

The bags replace normal disposable batteries – which are known to add an additional 20 pounds of weight – which also reduces extra stress on the body.

Check out the video for the backpack. It looks crazy because it actually looks like it’s floating:

Next, for just a small price of $1,500, you can take home the Samsung QLED TV. The idea behind this innovative television is the “disappearing” feature … aka, “Ambient Mode.”

This TV is everything we are used too, but this one also doubles as wall décor … or nothing. It can be programmed to blend into the wall it’s mounted on or have a beautiful live display screensaver that is completely customizable. It is known to be innovated specifically for “how people live.”

The QLED TV is amazing not only when it’s on, but also off. It delivers the most engaging viewing experience with nothing in the way … literally. It’s almost better than the secret menu.

It’s pure entertainment for your eyes.” -Samsung

See for yourself:

Although this next mind-blower isn’t something new or buyable, we had to share it with you. Have you ever seen the magic of CGI? It takes the excitement of movies to another level by giving characters in movies more realistic movements and features … sometimes making them seem extremely real.

This video shows what a movie looks like with CGI versus without:


[Photo at top by Uriel Soberanes on Unsplash]

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