Our Top 5 Spots In Kauai

We just got back from visiting Hawaii, so we wanted to share some sweet spots we discovered while there. Our destination was the beautiful island of Kauai, aka “the garden island.”  

Even though we were there for just under a week, we crammed lots of adventure into our trip. We said good-bye to the pricey tourist lures and hello to these free and hidden excursions:

1. Queens Bath

Located on the north shore of Kauai in the town of Princeville, this unique tide pool surrounded by igneous rock, coral, and lots of fish is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

There is a death tally at the entrance because the waters can get dangerous. Although we all left alive, the queen swallowed my friend’s Apple watch.

2. Ho’opi’i Falls

This hidden trail is a hike that you must do. The trek takes you to two waterfalls which you can swim in. The second one is the best by far since there is a rope swing at the bottom.

3. Anini Beach

We spent a whole day lounging here. This calm beach made it easy for us to encounter several turtles while snorkeling in the shallow waters.

Napping with a sun burnt back after 5 hours of snorkeling

 4. Red DirtFalls/Hills

This natural wonder made us feel like we were walking on Mars. It is directly across the highway from Waimea Canyon … another beauty. aka “Grand Canyon of the Pacific.”

The Hawaiian Grand Canyon

5. Pu’u O Kila Lookout

By far this is the best view to go to for the sunset.

We assumed we looked better than the scenery behind us



[All photos and videos taken by us. Photo at the top is of Kīlauea Lighthouse]


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