To Experience The Yum … GO!

Getting away sometimes is an absolute must. Not just to the beach or to the next city over, but actually getting on a plane and flying over an ocean. There are many reasons to travel, but there’s one thing all travelers must do on a trip: eat. The best thing to do in this case is to arrange your travel around food. 

There is no problem with organizing your travel itinerary around great food, and there’s no need to waste time on booking an expensive food or culinary tour. These three destinations have some of our favorite foods which are delicious options immersed in the boundless world of diverse cuisine sprinkled through different cultures. Try and get through to the end of this without your mouth watering. 

BELGIUM: Brussels

Pierre Marcolini. You actually sit upstairs  and try chocolate.

Besides being famous for beer, when in Belgium, waffles, fries and chocolate are a must-try. First off, waffles are available at any time of the day, and they are served food-truck-style wrapped in paper and typically eaten with your hands.

However, chocolate is the most important part of this trip. The chocolate in Brussels is smooth and rich all at the same time and made by some of the world’s finest chocolatiers.  

The best place to try chocolate is at Pierre Marcolini, which is a two-story chocolate shop.  

SPAIN: Barcelona 

Days in Barcelona don’t start until it’s tapas time. Tapas are small plates of food ranging anywhere from olives, assorted cheeses and meats or nuts.

The sauce is bomb … order extra.

Among the many tapas to choose from, be sure to order patatas bravas. These spicy diced potatoes, much like home fries, are drizzled with a spicy olive oil-based aioli and lightly fried, so they have that nice crunchy texture on the outside but are soft on the inside. They are available everywhere and slightly different depending on where you order them. It is, however, a dish you can expect to satisfy you every time.

JAPAN: Fukuoka 

If you’re looking for Local flavor that won’t break your bank, be sure to grab a bowl of Fukuoka ramen in the southern part of Japan. It’s near Kyushu Island inside the small shop called Hakata Ramen Zen.

This spot also gives free noodle re-fills.

The ramen broth is cooked with lots of bones, which gives it a hearty intense flavor. There are also a few ways to personalize your order to the perfect match for your taste buds. The noodle texture is something you can customize as well as the toppings added on top. 

So, stop with the FOMO, and pack your bags to enjoy one of these dishes!




[Photo at top by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash , photo at bottom by Linchi Kwok and all other photos are ours]

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